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Sorry that your personality is really ugly.

Sorry that you’re as fake as fake could be.

Sorry that Barbie’s more real than you’ll ever be.

Sorry that Courtney Stodden’s singing carreer is more successful than your carreer.

Sorry that you’re not as great and powerful as you think you are.

Sorry im not easily peer pressured…

Sorry that i don’t want to your door mat, so you can walk all over me.

Okay, i’ll apologize for something that’s not my fault & totally kiss up to her to make her happy cause the world revolves around her, right? & she can get anything she wants because that’s how it works in reality, right? People can always get what they want all the time, which is okay because that’s true right?

It doesn’t work like that. The world doesn’t revolve around her, to make her happy and feed her needs. People don’t always get their way all the time. Reality check…… IM NOT YOUR DAUGHTER, DOOR MAT, SLAVE, SOMEONE YOU CAN CONTROL. CAUSE FYI, I ALREADY HAVE A MOM. She already taught me right from wrong, you’re not in any position to try to control me, tell me what to do, “teach” me the “right” thing to do when you can’t even contol your own kids.
Trying to tell me that we’re out of control? If obeying your mom & respecting her rules is “out of control”? Then call me guilty…

Thinking and telling that you’re a better mom than my mom? Uhh, no think again… Sure my mom has flaws like EVRRYBODY ELSE. Im not denying that, no one is perfect. And if you think thag you are, you’re not, im not, no one is perfect. Sorry to tell you the ugly truth. but to think that you’re better than someone at being a mom, that’s just low even for someone on a low level like you. Don’t ever tell me my mom is a bad mom, or even if it ever seems like you are, i will without hesitating hurt you in a way you’ve never been hurt. NOBODY INSULTS MY FAMILY & DOESN’T PAY FOR IT. My mom is the best mom for me & i wouldn’t ask to change that. So stop trying to be my mom, i already have one & i don’t need nor want another. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Honestly, i could care less if i never talked to you for the rest of my life. I really don’t care. Like i need some fake spoiled brat in my life.

get that through your thick skull.

If you want me to apologize for something i didn’t start nor is it my fault…… Well good luck with that. You’d have to drag my cold dead body to ever get me to apologize for something i didn’t do.

Im not an easy person to persuade into doing something.Im not easily peer pressured. I don’t, and i repeat DON’T, do anything i don’t want to do. So it’s gonna be a hell load to get me to do what i really don’t need to do in order to make her happy & kiss up.

She acts like she’s the innocent one in everything. Uh, sorry that i hit you cause you hit my brother first & he’s not able to defend himself cause you’re much bigger and older than him, sorry i defended my full blood over you, sorry i stood up for my mom, sorry that i stood up for what i think is right, sorry i disrespected you when you’re the first to disrespect everyone else then expect everyone to respect you.

I have lost all respect for you. I could care less if i never see you again. Im not one to mess with nor piss off. Cause once i had it with you, i blow up with anger, and nothing positive will ever come in my head when your name comes up.

I have flaws too, no denying that.

You get mad when i don’t say my opinion cause i don’t wanna come out as a selfish brat. But when i stand up for what i believe in or for someone i care deeply about, stating my opinion you get mad? Wth is that?

I will say whatever i wanna say even if it means not talking to you till the day i die for something i feel strongly about, even if it hurts your feelings. Im straight out, i’ll be straight with you. Im not as shy and quiet as you think i am. Im entitled to my own opinions and i’ll say it straight out even if it’s hella mean. Im not gonna hold back as much as i use to anymore, im tired of that. I ran out of patience.

& if i don’t talk to you at all or as much, it means i won’t waste my valuable time on someone irrelevant.

I rather noy be around you if you’re gonna be straight up fake.

So enjoy your miserable life, while i enjoy mines without you being in any part of it. Byebye.

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That frustrating moment when you just can’t remember something.. but its at the tip of your tongue. 

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I’m going to travel the world one day.

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Problems of teenagers.
most teenagers: omg my parents caught me smoking yesterday
me: why can't I untangle these earphones
I hate getting flashbacks from things I don’t want to remember.

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I don’t like being pushed into doing something i don’t wanna do…

If i said no… I mean NO! I ain’t gonna do what i don’t wanna do & i’ll do it if i wanna and when i wanna. I hate when people try to force me, it’s so irritating. It’s like just stop it already, it’s not gonna work. It’s hard to pressure me into doing something i don’t wanna do… Don’t even bother trying…

Newport has some cute dudes (;
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